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Website SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Many websites nowadays seem only focused on the good looks and neglect optimisation for search engines. For the majority of websites it's eminent to be found in search engines - the best design doesn't help you when no one finds your website.

Most people who are looking for something are using search engines like Google or bing (MSN). When your website shows up in the top search results you'll certainly have a lot more visitors than a website that shows up on page 8 or not at all.

Website SEO Nelson, Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Process

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process that tries to provide search engines with properly structured content which they can index. If your content is well prepared a search engine can much easier figure out what your website is about. The more relevant a search engine 'thinks' your content is for a user's search phrase, the higher you will show up in the search results. The search engine's evaluation of your website depends on several factors.

We work close to the official guidelines of the search engines to place your website well in the search engines. We won't make unrealistic promises or use techniques that will harm your website ranking eventually. Of course the search engine ranking is also influenced by your competition and what you offer.

On Site Optimisation

Analysing your content, selecting and placing keywords, creating error free and optimised source code.

Off Site Optimisation

Establishing backlinks to your website from other websites, submitting your website to online directories and search engines.

Monitoring & Tweaking

Once the initial optimisation has been put in place we monitor ranking changes in the search engines and tweak your website accordingly.