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Water Quality Monitoring, Telemetry & Automation

Real Time Aqua Culture Environmental Monitoring

In partnership with WAI (Water & Atmosphere Information Ltd) we offer real time environmental monitoring, reports and alerts. One of our products is a solar powered marine buoy to monitor water quality (salinity based) for mussel farms, another one is a rain gauge.

Depending on the assignment, different sensors can be used to log and distribute environmental data. Our marine buoys are fitted with an array of sensors like salinity, anemometer, GPS, barometer, gyroscope etc. to give you a good as possible 'picture' of the environmental conditions at a time. Data is transferred with 3G mobile device.

Other sensors like a turbidity sensor for e.g. river flow monitoring or pH are some options.

Typical Water Quality Monitoring Applications

  • Water Resources
  • Fisheries
  • Aqua Culture (e.g. mussel farms)

We have a fully developed infrastructure for

  • Software & Hardware Development
  • Quality Control
  • Customer Support

Mussel Farm Water Quality Monitoring

Having water quality monitoring is a time saving advantage and help for mussel farms. When a salinity buoy is deployed first we calibrate the sensors, take water probes and create a custom formula for your specific region with your local conditions like currents or fresh water influx from rivers and rainfall.

With this custom formula we interpret the measured data and inform you when it's safe to harvest, how long an area needs to be closed for harvesting, automatically generate MAF reports and send you alerts. All this information will also be made available in charts on a website (login required).

Buoys can also be deployed in tidal areas where they sit on the mud during low tide (e.g. for clam fishery) .