Business Solutions - Software Development

Our objective is to develop customer tailored business solutions using the most appropriate tools and the newest technology available. To ensure this we can offer a range of services:

  • Project Design & Management
  • Software Development - Desktop Applications (Delphi)
  • Automation & Remote Management
  • Verification and embedding of "Off the Shelf" products
  • System Analysis
  • Database Design (Firebird, MySQL, SQL Server, Access)
  • Reporting
  • Intranet Applications
  • Installation & Training
  • System maintenance

Ticketing & Booking System

Seating Plan and Allocation Booking Administration

We developed the World Of WearableArt™ ticketing system for the annual WOW® Awards show in Wellington. The ticketing system is fully integrated with other administrative office applications that gives you complete control to efficiently manage your ticket sales and seating plan.

Automation System

Telemetric Automation - Data Monitoring & Reporting

Another area of expertise is automated telemetric distribution of data via email, fax, mobile text etc.

We developed the reporting and dispatch system for WAI (Water & Atmospheric Research) which runs a number of water quality sensors all around New Zealand mainly for monitoring of shellfish farming (mussel farm) conditions.

Reports and data are also served to an online database and can be accessed on a website.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management WHS, Barcode, Tracking, Stock Control

Prior works includes PackMan, a Software System for Fruit Pack houses including pallet & carton scanning and office administration e.g. fruit tracking, invoicing, reporting, stock control etc.

Document Management System


We also developed GraphMan, a document management system for the Marlborough Express the local Newspaper of Blenheim.