SEO - Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

Many websites nowadays are only focused on the good looks and neglect optimisation for search engines. For the majority of websites it's eminent to be found in search engines - the best design doesn't help you when no one finds your website.

Most people who are looking for something are using search engines like Google or bing (MSN). When your website shows up in the top search results you'll certainly have a lot more visitors than a website that shows up on page 8 or not at all.

Search Engine Optimisation


Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process that consists of:

We work close to the official guidelines of the search engines to place your website well in the search engines. We won't make unrealistic promises or use techniques that will harm your website ranking eventually. The search engine ranking is also influenced by your competition and what you offer.

Search Engine Marketing - Google AdWords


For many products and services a search engine marketing campaign goes hand in hand with the website optimisations. Google AdWords is one of the best methods at the moment to run online ads.

How does it work?
We analyse the product or service you'd like to sell, find the appropriate keywords for it and create online ads. Each time when someone uses Google and searches for a keyword that we've targeted your ad will show up. If the user clicks on the ad he'll be directed to your website. You pay by click which means you only have to pay if someone really clicked the ad and visited your website.

Please contact us if you'd like to know more and then we can specifically advise you on your needs.